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Feel free to submit a picture/video of yourself with a description. You may also submit LGBTQ local/state news and events.


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clus-h asked: ayye where are my miami girls at? follow me on twitter @tooradforyouuu

I give and receive secrets in return for a friendship. :)

Had to delete my tumblr, but made a new one with the same URL (artisnotaverage.tumblr.com)

Follow me guys :3 I follow back

Officially been living in Clearwater for 3 weeks! Woot n_n
I’m Tara. 18. Come say hi!
Hello Ladies. My name’s Amanda, i’m 23. I’m looking for friends. i love the beach, movies and softball/baseball. i’m a Red Sox Fan, it’s quite hard to find gay ladies in the Ft Myers area, but i’m still looking for friends and such. i do drink on occasion. i don’t bite i promise, well, i can’t quite promise that.. ;)

onein1million.tumblr.com is my url, come hit me up and send me messages. i follow back =]

Courtney 18 Northern Florida, I love girls and singing to them<3


changed my url :o
Sarah Rachael/18/virgo/westpalm 
Hello, my name is Sarah Rachael. I’m an eighteen year old virgo with a free spirited soul. I’m quite the creative thinker who lives for the finer arts. I have a pretty charismatic way of talking and excellent listening ears. Social sciences interest me, while nature makes me feel warm and fuzzy. I tend to go on a lot of walks and read books outside. So much we could talk about!! Lets make conversation. 

why not
this is spur of the moment
alex - 22 - st pete / tampa / orlando
tumblr = vaporwake