Florida Girls Who Like Girls

Feel free to submit a picture/video of yourself with a description. You may also submit LGBTQ local/state news and events.


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17, Floridaa and gay obviously.
My name’s Nadine.
I’m scatter-brained between writing short stories, working on my novels, working at the FIU newspaper, being a full-time student, and working part time. 
I love new friends, and my heart’s available so…I guess come by & say hello.
I’m Kat and I live on the space coast. Love my cat.thecureis-laughing.tumblr.com
Moving to the Orlando area soon! 
18. Pensacola. Looking for whatever finds me
An amazing girl has my heart but I always like new friends and blogs to follow!
Come hang out and stay weird
I’m Heather I’m redoing this again because I forgot my URL lol… I’m 19. I live in Lakeland, FL. I’m a southern girl<3 I’m looking for someone who has the same interests as me :) I love to go horse riding, mudding, fishing, and going to the beach. I love the country and I love being outdoors<3 I’m an FSU fan. I love being myself and I love to make people laugh :D Your more than welcome to message me on here or follow me on my blog. :)
Hello, I’m Ashley c: I’m a shy 21 year old nerd from Central Florida, and I like art, anime, video games, and cooking. Let’s be friends~
Leah,I’m 16 and live in Miami.Talk to mehttp://lifeanditssimplicity.tumblr.com/