Florida Girls Who Like Girls

Feel free to submit a picture/video of yourself with a description. You may also submit LGBTQ local/state news and events.


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I’m on the right, my names Raechel.
I’d like to meet someone close!
hi! i’m justine, looking for some new friends in my area. feel free to follow and send me a message (: http://ohshitttt74.tumblr.com
I’m a goofball and undercover couch potato who enjoys House, Rookie Blue, Castle, and… Well, basically most TV shows. I like my coffee black… No, I don’t. That’s a lie. Caramel, please! Oh, and I’m Nicole! Come say hello? :)

Anyone going to the Gainesville pride?


Hi y’all, my name is Lindsey I live in southwest Florida, about an hour and a half from Tampa. I’m 16, soon to be 17 in January. I’m single af, and would love to meet new people. So, if you wanna talk just message me. Have a great day!
Hello! The name is Leeann. I’m 22 and currently living in Jackassville, FL (Jax). I like cuddling, cats, being weird, watching movies, and playing video games. Space is probably my favorite thing to look at. I’m a fucking nerd, so if you’re not down with that scroll on. I also love making funny Snapchats of my animals.
IG: leeannwalkertexasranger
Tumblr: insertfootinmouth.tumblr.com

just-an-emotional-teen asked: Hey I'm fifteen and live in lake county. Very mature for my age but also funny. Love to read and write and would love to learn how to skate. Want someone I can talk to and who would be thee for me. Oldest I would date is 18. Not giving out name or picture unless someone messages me so yeah hmu

Hey, I’m Kelsey! I’m 17 single, and looking. I live in Tampa. I’m extremely shy at first, but once you get to know I’m a lovable weirdo. Feel free to message or kik me 
http://lovecansaveyouuu.tumblr.com/Kik: Lovecansaveyouu
Christina // 23 // Jax
I totally forgot to add my URL last time, so I’m submitting again :)
I’m Christina and I’m 23 living in Jax! If you’re into smoking trees, I’m into you.