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Feel free to submit a picture/video of yourself with a description. You may also submit LGBTQ local/state news and events.


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russian ssj princess and total weeb. let’s be friends.
i enjoy going to shows and yeah :’)
Meghan, 19. Creative Writing major who likes lots of nerdy things and is really bad at writing bios. nokeystomysoul.tumblr.com
Hi, I’m Nuce. 22 years old. Transgender. East Orlando. Single. Attend SSC. I’m laidback and chill. It’ll be nice to find someone i can go on food adventures with, movie dates and ya know, all the fun stuff. :) 
http://chillout-idgaf.tumblr.com/I follow back on Instagram: freshlikeojHmu on Kik or snapchat: freshlikeoj
Hi My Name is Siobhan :) 
Come Say HI!!!!
My name is Katie.
I’m 22 and I live very close to Orlando.
I like to pet dogs and quote School of Rock. 
myneighbormei.tumblr.com //
I’ll be back in FL permanently this December and would love to make some new friends! I’ll be living in Fort Myers but also spending a lot of my time in Miami. Extra props if you’re also vegan ;) 
I will buy you flowers, bake you things, and treat you like a princess(:
I’m young at heart, I feel like growing up too much is lame.
Painting, and baking are my passions, I find such happiness in doing both.
I love flowers, sunsets, bubbles, swings, tea, coffee, food, animals and much much more.
I have so much love and passion for so many things inside of me, I have tons to go around.
I am single, not sure if I’m ready to mingle, but I always love meeting new people!!!
Lets talk! :D
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