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ΕμΕΡαΙΔ | 22 | Miami, FL | Drummer
Hey! I’m Alana, I’m 20, & I live in Florida. I live in West Palm but I go to college over in the Tampa area. I’m super tall & super athletic. I play college softball here in Tampa. I love getting the chance to meet & talk to new people, so don’t be afraid to gimme a follow & message me! :)

Book bag full of books and a belly FULL of coffee extremely content right now. Pretty new to FL would love to meet some people :)

My name is Andriana. I’m almost 20. I’m a Music Education Major.Disney cast member, High School Marching band tech. I love good conversations and I’m looking for some new lgbt friends. http://itsnotalwayssunflowers.tumblr.com/
Maria. 19 years old. Miami. Feel free to message me :) 
url-  http://imhappyknowingyouaremine.tumblr.com/
Hey guise 
I’m Nicole and I turn 18 in 6 days. Looking to make new friends. 
Come talk to me? :)
come be my friend! ^_^ 

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Riley 21 ftm just looking for some new friends at the moment.
My url is superrylex13.tumblr.com
Hello there! I’m Kaitlyn, 21, UCF, I’m super sweet and shy, so come say hi :)